PSI shares expertise at MSU Safe Shipments Seminar

In a seminar entitled “Package Design and Testing for Safe Shipments,” sponsored by the School of Packaging at Michigan State University, seven industry experts were chosen by MSU to share their real-world knowledge of the critical issues affecting the packaging and distribution of active or volatile products.

One of them, Karlis Mateus, vp for Performance Systematix Inc. explained how PSI’s patented vented liner systems eliminate the swelling or collapsing of containers by allowing them to “breathe” without leaking.

Professionals from the hazardous materials, chemical, pharmaceutical and clinical industries attended the educational forum. In addition to the industry experts, attendees heard presentations from the Federal Aviation Authority, Hazardous Materials Safety Assistance Team, the International Safe Transit Assn, Federal Express, Lansmont Corp., Syngenta Co., and United Parcel Service.

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