Recycled paperboard packages awarded

The 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance announced that the Paperboard Packaging Council has awarded 13 consumer goods packages that use 100% recycled paperboard in PPC’s 60th Annual National Paperboard Packaging Competition (see

The two Gold award winners were: Caraustar, for Land O’ Lakes’ Café Montreux cappuccino gift pack in the dry foods category, and Smurfit-Stone Container, for Procter & Gamble’s electron-beam-cured laminated detergent carton, in the structural/technical innovation category. The P&G pack also earned an Excellence award in the soaps/laundry detergents category. PPC also presented 11 Excellence awards to packages using 100% recycled paperboard. The 13 total awards presented this year more than doubled the number of winners in 2002. For details, contact RPA-100% at 877/772-6200, or visit

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