Processed foods data collection

The Food and Drug Administration has submitted proposed information collection requirements to the Office of Management and Budget for approval. The data collection applies to any firm that manufacturers, processes, or packs acidified foods or thermally processed low-acid foods in hermetically sealed containers for interstate commerce.

Each firm must register the plant and provide data on the processes used to produce the foods. The process data must be filed prior to packing any new product. Operating processes and procedures must be posted near the processing equipment or made available to the operator.

Firms must maintain records showing they have complied with the requirements of the regulations and document any corrective action when process controls and procedures exceed specified limits. They must report any instance of spoilage potentially dangerous to health, process deviation, or any contamination by microorganisms where any lot of the food has entered into commerce. Firms must develop and keep on file plans for recalling products that may pose a danger to public health. Also, hermetically sealed containers containing acidified foods and thermally processed low-acid foods must bear an identifying code so that lots can be traced after distribution.

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