Letters to the Editor

Individuals across the packaging community have written to tell us how much they like Packaging World’s new format.

Here’s a sample:

As far as the new size and design are concerned, I think you have hit the nail on the head. I work with approximately 35 packaging engineers in my company. The day your magazine arrived, I heard the two engineers who sit closest to me make comments such as, “well, it’s about time” and “finally, an issue I can fit in my computer bag.” I think the overall response has been very positive. I, for one, have always perceived the larger issues wasteful and obtrusive. I really like what you have been able to do with your magazine.

M. Scott Carpenter RD&E AirCare - Fragrance Team SC Johnson ________________________________________

I want to compliment you on the new size and look of Packaging World. It’s a big step, but one long overdue and certainly one that I like. I wish you much success with all the new changes.

Edward Bauer Director of Global Packaging Bausch and Lomb _______________________________________

I just received the January issue of Packaging World with the new format and really like it.

Jay Gouliard Vice President of Packaging Development General Mills _______________________________________

I received my Packaging World yesterday and LOVE the new format. Hats off to Dave Bacho and everyone at PW. It is so much easier to handle and tote. I want to extend a huge thank you for getting it to me. I also want to add that it’s very easy to differentiate between articles and advertisements; visually it’s more defined now, with the headings being consistent. I really love it.

Mary Ellen Reis C.P.P. President Packnology ________________________________________

Just a few words to let you know how much I appreciate the new format. In tune with the 21st century! Keep up the good work.

Luc Madore Schenley Distilleries Inc. _________________________________________

LOOKS GREAT! I’ve been receiving tabloids for years, and due to their unwieldy size, I have been throwing most of them right in the trash for years without looking (took up too much room in my in-basket). This is the first time I have taken the time from my work to look through it, as I will in the future now, too.

Norm Krueger Plant Engineer Iams - Aurora Mfg. ________________________________________

I just wanted to let you know that we received the January issue of Packaging World this week and the Overstock.com/Sealed Air story was great! Everyone in the office also really liked the new format for Packaging World. The new size definitely sets it apart and makes it easier to read and archive.

Brad Minor Shandwick PR


Nice job on the new format of the magazine. It’s much easier to read and handle.

David Smith Kraft Foods _________________________________________

About your NEW LOOK...It’s great! I do find the standard magazine size more convenient to carry with me, to page through, etc. It seems to stand out or catch the eye more than the others. I will be watching for future issues. Judy Fischer Packaging Engineer Sargento Cheese

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