2002 GPI Clear Choice Awards

Packaging World highlights Gold winners of the Glass Packaging Institute 2002 awards for innovative glass packaging design.

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Polar Ice

Category: Package Design

Smirnoff Ice

Category: Success Story

Smirnoff’s newest product sales grew to over 25 million six-packs in its first year of distribution. The 12-oz clear glass bottle features the “Pierre Smirnoff” name embossed on the shoulder and a metallic silver pressure-sensitive label.


Category: Beer

Coors Brewing increased consumer awareness of its famous red brew around St. Patrick’s Day by introducing a specially labeled promotional package. Coors added clear pressure-sensitive labels and a promotional piece to its existing glass mold.


Category: Malternatives/flavored alcoholic beverages

Wet Planet Beverages’ DNA features a clear pressure-sensitive label with phosphorescent labels that glow in the dark when exposed to nightclub black lights.


Category: Distilled Spirits

Bacardi’s Tropico is a premixed rum and citrus cocktail. Designed to emphasize the leisurely spirit of the tropical islands, a tapered cylindrical flint glass bottle is used to create a bright frosted effect when filled with the cool, refreshing beverage.

Joint Juice

Category: Carbonated Beverage

The design of the bottle makes it easy to open for consumers and hold. Joint Juice also stands out from the competition with bright colors and graphics accentuating a uniquely shaped bottle.

Fuze and Mistic Zotics

Category: Non-Carbonated Beverage

Fuze Beverage uses vibrant color schemes and a smooth flowing glass container. The slender shape conveys a sense of healthy refreshment. The shelf appeal has more than doubled demand in the last year. Cadbury/Snapple’s Mistic Zotics use a 20-oz triangular-shaped glass bottle to create a distinctive image. The label displays the area of the world where the fruit is grown.

Old El Paso’s Salsa

Category: Packaged Foods

General Mills reintroduced its salsa in an upscale, unique package with specific emphasis on pourability and gripability, based on focus group studies. The clear glass and small label graphics allow the product color and freshness to show through while maintaining brand equity with Old El Paso red roof tile and yellow background with its familiar lettering font.

T for Him

Category: Cosmetic and Fragrance

Estee Lauder’s T for Him features a classically designed bottle that sports clean, masculine lines. Tommy Hilfiger has built a strong brand recognition that the Red “T” letter design says it all.

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