Sites Are Changing...Are You?

The bloom is definitely off the e-commerce rose as many sites are running out of funding. The good news is that many of these sites, at least in packaging, continue to improve.

Unfortunately, many packagers are watching this shake-out period and feel it’s best to sit back and wait until the dust settles. The problem is that Version 3.0 is always just around the corner. So now packaging equipment and materials suppliers, Internet marketplaces and application service providers find themselves communicating with a target audience that is burnt out, more than a little confused and reluctant to make a move. But just because the “commerce” isn’t happening in e-commerce doesn’t mean e-sourcing sites shouldn’t merit a closer look. As they evolve, they can only be more relevant to your business, not less. For example, initially came on strong with e-procurement but is now focused on being a vendor sourcing site. VerticalNet, which started out with online “communities” like Packaging, is now e-commerce-enabling packaging suppliers’ sites directly. And equipment manufacturers, never confident that customers would buy machinery online, instead offer detailed information sites. Web research? Definitely. Actual e-procurement? Not until packaging buyers evolve, too. They must develop and implement their own e-procurement policies and systems. Ordering online won’t save purchasing managers time if they still must create the same internal paperwork. Net Sourcing’s mission remains to help take the entire packaging community online. To show you real-life case histories of successful e-procurement strategies—not just for the Fortune 500—but for small and mid-size companies as well. So take this issue of Net Sourcing to your next e-business meeting. Call us if you need extra copies. The Web is working for some. Make it work for you.

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