Erler ponders what lies ahead

Fred Erler, chairman of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Assn. and vice president of Nordson Corp., delivered a November 11 Eye-Opener Breakfast Session at PMMI's Pack Expo 98 and told his audience that "three new realities" will predominate as we enter the 21st century: globalization, personalized packaging and flexibility.

"The consolidation and globalization of consumer goods businesses will continue to mold and shape packaging for years to come," said Erler. Meanwhile, throughout our global village, "standardized, mass-produced containers of the past are no longer good enough," says Erler. Thus the need for personalized packaging, for kids, seniors, Generation Xers and whoever else is out there. Finally, new packaging materials and innovative machines are sure to be developed. Capitalizing on such developments, said Erler, will require great flexibility on the part of all who participate in the packaging arena.

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