Merging drug firms create new brand look

Hoechst Marion Roussel is the new name of a pharmaceuticals company that combines the pharmaceutical division of Hoechst AG and Roussel Uclaf of Europe with Marion Merrill Dow of the U.S.

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To build awareness and memorability, the $9-billion company used Interbrand Gerstman+Meyers (New York, NY) to develop a unified global packaging graphic system. Following extensive research at the company's offices around the world, Interbrand developed a cubix graphic on the front panel with the HMR logo. It represents the three separate companies converging and moving forward and upward. "Prior to the unified global identity, we had the look of many different companies," says Martin Gekeler, HMR's director of marketing services. "We believe the new packaging . . . creates a unique visual identity for the company, while also allowing for individual brand identities." To standardize the new packaging identity for HMR, Interbrand's Brand Wizard(TM) software program is in use globally. It creates "virtual templates and artwork for HMR that now allows future consistency" in creating packaging anywhere in the world.

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