Del Monte adds zest to salsa containers

San Francisco-based Del Monte Foods is taking an innovative tack to woo salsa consumers away from more established brands. The company is reportedly the first to use a three-panel, promotional fold-out label from Sonoco Engraph Label Group (Atlanta, GA).

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Printed flexographically in four colors on 80# coated one-side stock, this pressure-sensitive label hanger is applied automatically to both the top and front of glass jars containing 201/2 oz of salsa. Del Monte leases equipment from Sonoco to apply the folded 41/2" x 13/4" labels. The label contains a recipe as well as a mail-in coupon. "We like the assurance that the promotional piece goes on to the jar and stays there," says Kevin Kimbell, Del Monte's marketing manager. "With traditional neck hangers, you can't be assured [of that], but with this new approach, the label and the promotional material are applied [at Del Monte], so we have complete control." Kimbell recalls, "We began using the labels because they gave us a good billboard effect that you can't get from a regular neck hanger." The jars were introduced to markets nationwide last Fall as part of a test scheduled to run through the Spring. Del Monte would not divulge volumes or sales figures for the three salsa flavors, which are marketed in both mild and medium-hot versions.

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