Bowl prompts 'Super' packages

The popularity of the Super Bowl again found manufacturers romancing consumers through promotional packaging. Minneapolis-based General Mills, for example, continued its commemorative packaging for the event with what Wheaties® brand marketing manager Jay Heflin describes as "breakthrough packaging." Heflin refers to five Super Bowl Super Replay Motion Cards on specially marked boxes of Wheaties, Crispy Wheaties 'N Raisins(TM) and Honey Frosted Wheaties®.

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The "cards" are actually holograms that measure about 4" W x 31/4" H. GM has five separate cards, all featuring a superstar player from a past Super Bowl. The card is glued on to the inside front panel of the carton, supplied by Waldorf (St. Paul, MN). On the shelf, the image looks like a television screen. As you tilt the carton, the holographic image shows motion. "It's our first use of decorative holograms," says a GM spokesperson. Wheaties also has its "standard" commemorative "Breakfast of Champions" carton for the Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl XXXI champions. The 24-oz package is available regionally throughout Wisconsin and in parts of Minnesota. Milwaukee-based Miller Brewing also saluted the Pack with specialty packaging. Miller distributed 1.7 million special-edition 16-oz cans, from Reynolds Metals (Richmond, VA). Cans are decorated in five colors, including the state team's green and gold. A football field design also wraps around the wide-mouth can. Filled exclusively at the company's Milwaukee plant, the cans were distributed throughout Wisconsin, as well as in portions of Illinois, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota. After the game, the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Wisconsin, located in Milwaukee, produced six-packs of 12-oz aluminum cans commemorating the Green Bay Packers' victory. Copy circling the neck area of the can proclaims, "Always a Packer Backer." Before the contest, the Louisiana Coca-Cola Bottling Co. in New Orleans distributed six-packs of limited-edition 8-oz glass bottles throughout that city. Bottle labels included logos of both the big game and Coca-Cola. The colorful carrier's copy read, "Eat Super Bowl, Sleep Super Bowl, Drink Coca-Cola," with a background containing football-related images. Individual bottles were sold in 100 local restaurants, according to Coca-Cola spokesperson George Barkley.

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