FDA allows first food-specific health claim

Setting an important precedent, Chicago-based Quaker Oats is the first company to apply for and receive permission from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to make food-specific health claims on its packages.

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The health claim-that soluble fiber from foods such as oats may reduce the risk of heart disease-must be placed in the context of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Before making its deci-sion in late January, FDA spent almost two years reviewing no less than 37 studies-two-thirds funded by Quaker. "Because this was the first food-specific health claim, I think FDA wanted to make sure they set a very high standard for other food companies [that might pursue approval for future claims]," Quaker spokesperson Ron Bottrell tells Packaging World. Six Quaker products, both hot and cold cereals, qualify for the health claim. Packages bearing the claims will appear in early spring.

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