Trilingual label cleans up

Last year, Naperville, IL-based Babson Brothers introduced a line of PRECISE dairy pipeline cleaning tablets. To satisfy its international customers, the firm had to be sure that usage instructions were available in English, Spanish and French.

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Babson chose to provide the information on a Fix-a-Form® leaflet/label from Moss Printing (Chicago, IL). Each Fix-a-Form label consists of a 60# paper leaflet glued to a pressure-sensitive paper label. This tandem adheres to a release liner just as a conventional p-s label would. At Babson, workers cut individual leaflet/labels from their roll. One label with backing liner still in place is manually placed in the plastic bag that holds a supply of tablets. A twist-tie closes the bag, which then is placed in a secondary package, either a plastic bucket, corrugated case or permanent storage vessel. Babson's dairy customers remove the Fix-a-Form label from its release liner and apply it to the secondary package so that operators can easily access the information. Babson's Brian Williams likes the leaflet/label approach because so much information can be included in it. "We have to deal with international regulations, and we can fit all that information cost effectively in three languages on one label," says Williams.

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