Maxfli establishes new identity

When number-three golf ball maker Maxfli discovered that focus groups of golfers knew its product but couldn't recall the logo or packaging, it was time for a redesign.

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"It's really a corporate rebranding or restaging of the Maxfli brand," says Michael Pai, product manager for Greenville, S.C.-based Maxfli. Created by Wallace Church (New York, NY), the new look centers on a modernized logo that combines with a color bar to form a stripe across the top of the telescoping two-piece box. The X series (pictured) is particularly striking since the logo stripe and color bar are gravure-printed, coated with UV gloss, and embossed out of a matte black background. The background consists of three offset blacks with a proprietary gravure-applied solvent coating. Shorewood Packaging (New York, NY) prints the 18-pt SBS on one of its own Josh combination gravure/offset presses. The package, which contains four sleeves containing three balls each, recently won the Gravure Assn. of America's Golden Cylinder Award. Pai says costs are about the same, though previous packages used foil stamping. Prices on the entire product line range from $24 to $48 per 12-pack. Sales have been brisk since packages debuted in March, says Pai.

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