Sculpting a family look

When salon haircare products company Graham-Webb added a sculpting foam to its Bodacious line of products, it wanted a dispenser that looked and functioned like the other dispensers in the line.

Pw 26647 Salon 1

So the Plymouth, MN-based company chose the S-20 dispensing foam spout from Seaquist Dispensing (Cary, IL). In addition to resembling dispensers used on other Bodacious products, the S-20 spout dispenses product through a horizontal slit that's unusually wide at 7/8". This allows a wide ribbon of foam to be released with a single dispensing action, resulting in a fuller foam effect from the aerosol container. Graham-Webb's use of the S-20 marks the first U.S. application of the dispenser. Both the spout and its clear overcap are injection-molded of polypropylene. Exal (Youngstown, OH) provides the aluminum can, dry offset-printed in seven colors. Available only in independent beauty salons throughout the U.S., the sculpting foam retails for about $9.00.

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