Yogurt lid comes with spoon

Colombo has molded a spoon into the lid of all its 8-oz yogurts so consumers will never have to remember to take a spoon.

Pw 20345 Colhasmola 8

"It's the whole convenience factor," says Greg Zimprich, public relations manager at the Minneapolis-based company. "All the testing showed that it was very popular."

The two-piece spoon is molded into the polypropylene lid during the injection-molding process and held by break-away tabs. The spoon is also embossed with the Colombo logo. A clear pressure-sensitive label completely covers the two-part spoon, protecting it from dust or other contamination. The label instructs the consumer to "snap spoon from bottom of lid."

The tabbed foil lidstock is printed in five colors with instructions on how to remove and assemble the spoon. Both the 8-oz PP cup and the lid are injection-molded by Landis Plastics (Chicago Ridge, IL).

Colombo declined to offer more specific information about printing on the container. The nationwide rollout began mid-summer, with no increase in the yogurt's 69¢ retail price.

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