Label converter adds digital hybrid press

Plenty of developments are underway when it comes to digital printing of labels, and a perfectly good example can be found at International Label & Printing, where management has been so pleased by their initial experience with digital printing that they’ve added on to their digital capabilities.

Hybrid press installed at International Label & Printing.
Hybrid press installed at International Label & Printing.

“We had been running a roll-to-roll Domino N610i 5-color digital press for about three years,” says Mark Turk, President & CEO of International Label & Printing. “When we started thinking about opportunities for growth in the future, we realized it would be important to have more options and choices.”

So Turk and his colleagues approached Domino and CEI to see what they could come up with in the way of a hybrid press that combines flexo and digital UV ink jet. “They developed a CEI BossJet powered by Domino,” says Turk. “We already knew what the Domino could do, and CEI built the rest of it based on our specifications.”

International Label & Printing had the press configured with two UV flexo print stations (one before and one after the DominoN610i 7-color digital UV inkjet print engine). They have a rail system with a cold foil tower with unwind and rewind, which allows them to run wet lamination or lamination with a liner. There is also a turn bar, and a second unwind and rewind unit for running multiple webs, as well as a sheeting stacker/conveyor for running roll-to-sheet applications. This hybrid configuration takes their business to the next level allowing them to expand their capabilities, make more money, do more for current customers, while gaining new customers as well.

“We put in the ability to run on both sides of the web, to run multiple webs, pre-coat,” says Turk. “And we have the DominoN610i 7-color extended gamut which really opened up some more market share for us. We can now do things like embellish the labels, spot varnish, foil stamp, laminate, special die-cutting, running also roll-to-sheet when necessary. And all of these choices came about because of our collaboration with Domino and their recognition of what we were looking for to grow our company.”

To see a video about the hybrid press, go here 

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