Embossed bottle lends distinction to Cydr Lubelski

Popular beverage in Poland gains a new look while also reducing bottle weight by about 10%.

The idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words” is suitable when it comes to the glass bottles for AMBRA S.A.’s ciders in Poland.

At first blush, the clear, longneck glass bottle shows off the colorful cider inside. A closer look reveals the attention to detail that delivers a striking visual presence. That starts at the top with matching colors for a crown and a thin neck label, extends down to the embossed product name at the shoulder, then tapers down to the color-coordinated, elegant label.

AMBRA S.A. is a large producer, importer and distributor of wines in Poland, with brands including Cin & Cin, Dorato, El Sol, Fresco, Pliska, Piccolo, and what it says is the most popular, Cydr Lubelski.

The company recently sought to emphasize its natural cider production process through distinctive on-shelf packaging that also provides sustainability benefits via lightweighting. The challenge was tasked to bottle supplier Ardagh Group and the Spiritus Movens Design Studio.

The bottle is used for Cydr Lubelski Classic, Cydr Lubelski Unfiltered, Cydr Lubelski Antonówka Unfiltered and Cydr Lubelski Honey varieties. The bottle focuses on the light, refreshing and natural character of the beverages, which was one of the most important design objectives.

To reduce the weight of the new 400-mL clear and green glass bottle, the NNPB (narrow neck press and blow) production method was used, saving an estimated 10% weight in each bottle, while maintaining the cider’s high-pressure requirements.

According to the company, cider is most popular among 30- to 50-year-old residents in large Polish cities with higher education and above-average income. These buyers seek high quality over economic pricing, preferring regional, natural and ecological products.

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