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Rectangular plastic tub for interior paint

As the Czech market for paint is dominated by round and oval pails, paint producer Kittfort chose a rectangular container for the launch of its new interior paint.

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Family owned Kittfort has been successfully producing and selling paint and related products for 20 years from its base in the Czech Republic. And the company knows that to get the customers’ attention it is essential to be different from the rest. says Kittfort CEO Daniel Doksanský.

“We focus on quality – this is the best way, if not the only way – to beat our competition and to take in new customers. Packaging is part of the quality aspect and helps to stand out. So when we recently started to produce interior paint under the brand name COLORLINE, we decided to launch it in a rectangular SuperCube® container. The shape of the pail is new to us and our customers.” The containers are supplied by RPC Superfos.

The interior paint COLORLINE has good opacity, abrasion resistance and is easy to work with. These qualities make the paint and the pail a perfectly matching pair. Among the advantages that Kittfort gets from SuperCube® is the easy-to-open peel-off lid and convenient carrying. The user-friendliness is important for the professional segment and for the DIY market as well.

The paint is available in two volumes - 3.6 litres and 5.6 litres. Both sizes are beautifully decorated with a photo quality picture showing many fine details and an eye-catching, colourful parrot. This high level of clear and vivid decoration has been possible through In-Mould labelling (IML). The plastic handle and lid have a metallic colour for coloured paint; and white for white paint.

“As SuperCube® is rectangular, it gives us a better platform for decoration and brand display than on the round pails. When our pails stand on shelf closely and neatly side-by-side they look brilliant. Bright, gorgeous and vibrant – like the parrot we use as a distinctive sign for our interior paint,” says Daniel Doksanský who is very pleased with the cooperation with RPC Superfos, including the level of quality and service.

“The rectangular shape of SuperCube® is perfect for using a 180mm paint roller and the response to our launch has been very positive, including the new, innovative packaging. We are very satisfied with the decisions we have made and with the sales figures,” he notes.

Kittfort does not rest on its laurels, however, and is committed to taking other new initiatives. The company will soon launch a new type of paint also in pails from the SuperCube® series.

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