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Shelf Impact!/Dragon Rouge Q4 2012 Innovation Survey

The following 15 packages were selected as part of Shelf Impact!/Dragon Rouge's fourth quarter 2012 Innovation Survey of packaging. This quarter's survey focused on packaging for home and garden products.

Berryplus liquid laundry detergent
Berryplus liquid laundry detergent

Laundry cleaning potential in the palm of your hand
Berryplus is a liquid laundry detergent that aims at eradicating the typical idea of a bulky plastic detergent container while also being environmentally friendly. Berryplus is a 100% natural detergent that comes in a set of two or 10 2-mL vials. Each concentrated dose is capable of cleaning about 30 lb of laundry. Easy to use, Berryplus is also easy to discard, as the entire, palm-sized outer package—a disc-shaped clamshell package made from 80% non-GMO plant-based bio-resin—is 100% recyclable.

Fabric swatches provide tactile feel to candle, diffuser boxes
Packaging for the Destinations Fragrance Collection of candles and infusers from interior lifestyle brand Blissliving Home uses embroidered fabric swatch labels on the outer carton to identify each scent. Says company design manager Katherine Rodriguez, “We chose a silver background for the packaging to let the colorful textile pieces speak to the variations in the fragrances. As a group, the matte-metallic boxes sit well together to give a unified, cohesive look while providing obvious cues that there are differences within each product. The embossed passport stamp on top of each box plays up our theme of destinations and travel.”

Slimmer bottle sports concentrated bleach
The iconic Clorox® liquid bleach jug is about to become a "collectible," says The Clorox Company, as a more modern, slimmed-down version that's easier to use makes its way into retail. In August, Clorox released new concentrated Clorox regular bleach, a more concentrated version of its namesake liquid bleach, in a smaller bottle that is easier to handle, easier to pour, and easier to use in high-efficiency (HE) washing machines.

‘Squeeze & Sniff’ label hints at scent-boosting potential
The Downy Unstoppables line of in-wash scent boosters has launched in an eye-catching, curvy, 13.2-oz plastic bottle decorated with a full-body shrink-sleeve label decorated in black and neon colors that differentiate scent varieties. Three “raindrop windows” on the front of the easy-grip bottle allow consumers a view of the scent beads inside, while a “Squeeze & Sniff” label provides a preview of the product’s scent. Noted the packaging design firm handling the project, “A revolutionary scent-boosting laundry product needed a unique package design that would signal something truly different. The campaign idea, ‘a fresh too feisty to quit’ helped inspire the design—celebrating the new product form in its use of circular windows and patterning.”

Hose packaging takes cue from designer handbags
Hoses are not the sexiest things on earth, nor are they the most beautiful objects in a garden. To change that impression, Garden Glory has designed hoses, pipes, and wall mounts in high-quality materials and eye-catching colors. The hoses have names like Minty Mermaid, Candy Crush, and Bordeaux Baby, making them more personal and interesting for the customer and transforming hoses from something necessarily to a conscious design choice. Says the brand designer, “Our mission was to create a playful but, at the same time, elegant package—something that would communicate the fact that Garden Glory hoses are one of a kind. We found inspiration among the iconic bags of Hermés, Chanel, and Mulberry, making our own ‘it-bag’ out of colorful plastic and brass chains."

Motor oil uses vintage imagery for 100th year
With the Daytona 500 as a national stage, Chevron kicked off the 100th year of its Havoline brand motor oil. By using a vintage logo, vintage colors on kraft cases, and early racecar imagery, all in the style of the era, the package design lent authenticity to the viewer’s journey in time. Visually connecting the viewer to the automobile’s Golden Age, Chevron used the format to remind consumers that Havoline has always been there for them, and will continue to be for the next 100 years and beyond.

Commemorative tin hits its mark
A two-piece commemorative tin has been launched to hold Hoppe’s brand Lubricating Gun Oil Field Wipes. The reusable, tin sports a faux cap and cleverly comes apart above the “label” for access to a plastic container of 60 lubricated wipes within.

Pouch with spine is upstanding innovation for refills
Making the product refill experience more palatable for consumers, the new Method Laundry & Dish Refill Pouch (with Spine) was designed to be easier to handle and more attractive on-shelf than traditional gusseted refill pouches. The stand-up, spouted pouch is designed with a rigid spine constructed of HDPE inserted into a pocket along the right side of the pack. The spine allows for one-handed product dispensing and a more convenient and controlled pour for the consumer. Along with die-cut angles on the bottom corners of the pouch, the spine also helps the package retain its posture, for an improved retail presentation.

Mini concentrate bottles prevail over pouch
After testing consumer response to its Windex® Mini concentrated refill pouch in mid-2011, SC Johnson relaunched its refill concentrate packaging to address consumer feedback on pourability, the importance of recyclable packaging, and the desire for different products for different cleaning needs. The company’s new line of concentrates come in small, easy-to-pour bottles made of recyclable HDPE and are available in a five popular product formulations: Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge, Windex, Shout, and fantastik.

Snap-Pac pouch makes lawn spreading simple
The Scotts Co. has stirred up a stagnant lawn-care product category with a new lawn spreader system featuring a custom flexible pouch with fitment that becomes an integral part of the product-dispensing process. The Scotts Snap cartridge spreader system, designed in-house with complementary Scotts Snap-Pac pouches, provides a no-mess, no-guesswork lawn-care option for consumers with smaller lawn sizes.

Clear, clean look for oxygen bleach in glass
For 15 years, Stain Solver oxygen bleach has provided an all-natural and organic solution to dissolve stain and odor molecules. Describing a recent package redesign for the brand, eco-living expert Matt Hickman says, “The 2.2-pound ‘Little Beauty’ now comes in an oversized clear jar with minimal labeling, giving it a clever and homey look that’s geared towards design-conscious, glass-jar collecting nouveau homesteaders or anyone who would rather proudly display their cleaning products than hide them away.” Confirms the package designer responsible for the jar, “We endeavored to create a minimal identity system that sets Stain Solver apart from the typical heavy-handed cleaning product approach.”

Unit-dose laundry packets hold multidimensional product
Tide Pods is a multidimensional laundry detergent in three scents that is said to be different from any other liquid or unit-dose detergent in the market today. The single-dose pods feature an exclusive three-chamber design that contains product formulations that brighten, fight stains, and clean. Tide Pods are also engineered with a proprietary film technology that dissolves and works effectively in all water temperatures, in any type of washer, and for any size load. The pods are housed in a clear plastic tub with a round shape and a bright plastic lid that features a double latch intended to discourage children from ingesting the detergent.

Motor oil pouch a U.S. first
Universal Lubricants LLC has relaunched its flagship product, ECO ULTRA Synthetic Blend Motor Oil, in heavy-duty, easy-to-pour, flex-pack stand-up pouches—reportedly, the first U.S.-produced and marketed motor oil to be packaged in this way. The spouted, stand-up pouches, in 1- and 5.1-qt volumes, are manufactured using a 6-mil, three-layer barrier construction of polyester, nylon, and LLDPE formulated to provide superior burst and seal strengths. The spout is engineered to enable an easier, smoother pour without “glugs.”

Valspar unveils new spray paint actuator
Valspar Paint has introduced a new spray-paint formula and spray can design to allow consumers to discover the transformative power in color more easily than ever. The design firm that created the new package used its expertise in beauty and personal care to develop the actuator, which uses two primary components: a chassis molded in Valspar’s signature gray color, and the overcap connoting the color and finish. The chassis features a large finger pad, which alleviates finger fatigue. Lab results showed a 33% pressure reduction, compared to the previous model. Its intuitive design also prevents accidental spraying via a locking system that is engaged when the cap is twisted 90 deg.

Structure says it all for herbal-based detergents
Vaska is an all-natural detergent that uses herbal cleaning agents to fight germs and remove soap residue that damages fabrics and causes skin irritation. For its recent package redesign, the brand turned to a unique, simple structural design for its bottle, made from food-grade HDPE, and decorated it with a clear p-s label. Says the package designer, “We discovered that an attractive green product, with a friendly message that inspires changing everyday habits, is a potent combo.” The product is a concentrated formula that allows packaging to be smaller and more efficient.

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