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Tearing down silos in designing for the Web

For consumer packaged goods companies, the logic of package thinking and assets being extended to online retailing is a no-brainer.

What will require some rethinking is the information technology department’s controlling and limiting of views on database-retrieval and display protocols.

Compared with the billions of dollars and years of studies and innovation invested in product packages and distinct branded retail environments around the world, the Web suffers from sameness. To often on the Web, price is the key differentiator of products. Brands suffer and shoppers can too, when they find the right product only after they have purchased the wrong one.

Marketing and brand managers at CPG companies should consider making the best of the dynamic selling environment advantages of the Web. Resist the temptation to subscribe to the limits of popular Web conventions or allowing database restrictions to drive a strategic selling plan. Instead, push processes and resources in working toward strategic goals.

By applying proven tactics from brick-and-mortar environments in Web and other interactive environments, branding teams can harvest all the valuable insights and assets locked up in their packaging. Repurposing rather than recreating the wheel will save time and money. At the same time, branding teams will create a more consistent visual presence to help shoppers find and buy the products they want.
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