Heinz pack is dual-functioning

“For more than a century, product and packaging innovation based on a thorough understanding of what consumers want has been a critical part of the great success of Heinz Ketchup. Dip & Squeeze is just the latest milestone in our long history of packaging innovations.”

That’s how Heinz president and CEO William R. Johnson describes the new 27-g package for ketchup that Pittsburgh-based Heinz is in the process of rolling out nationwide. Consumers can either peel back the lid and dip their French fries into the ketchup or tear off the tip and squeeze ketchup onto their foods.

Heinz describes the new package as “the first ketchup packet makeover for the foodservice industry in 42 years.” A key driver behind the development was the consumer’s wish for a packet that wouldn’t make such a mess.

When asked for details on the packaging materials and machinery used to make the packet, Heinz’s Jessica Jackson would only say that a thermoform/fill/seal system was involved. She did indicate, however, that the new package brings a measure of source reduction as the 27-g Dip & Squeeze requires less material than three of the more traditional 9-g flexible film pouches.

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