5 bottles display the range of solutions

The Lightest • 24.8 g (PCO neck) for 0.5 l, on line filling at 89 °C• 27.8 (PCO neck) for 0.5 l, off line filling at 89 °C• Lighter base• Optimized panels• Crystallized PCO neck• Reinforced ribs on the shoulderThe Strongest (Two wheel process) • 64 g for 1.5 l, off line filling at 95°C• Produced using two wheel process• Crystallinity: 52 %• Panels absorb deformations• Belt and beams prevent out of roundness• Lower panels reinforced with ribsThe Fastest • 38.5 g for 16 oz, off line filling at 85°C, 48ꯠ bottles/hour• Produced on an SBO 20 dual cavityReheatable bottle• 32 g for 0.35 l, Actis treatment, reheated at 60°C in vending machinesThe Strongest (one wheel process)• 32 g for 0.5 l, off line filling at 92°C• Crystallinity: 36 %See the story that goes with this sidebar: Hot Fill Bottles: Opting for Diversity

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