NanoCodes battle illegal diversion

NanoGuardian's NanoEncryption™ technology is an on-dose, brand protection technology that enables manufacturers to trace and authenticate each and every dose from plant to patient.

The technology applies overt, covert, and forensic-level security features directly to tablets, capsules, and vial caps. The overt and covert security features enable authentication at any point in the supply chain, while the forensic NanoCodes provide comprehensive tracing information on every single dose, remaining with that dose even after numerous repackaging efforts.

The NanoCodes can be associated with an unlimited amount of data including but not limited to product information (strength, expiration date), manufacturing information (location, date, batch, lot number), and distribution information (country, distributor, wholesaler, chain). This on-dose information is critical for manufacturers to effectively fight illegal diversion in repackaging. The NanoCodes also assist in authenticating returned goods. As returned products are received, they can be quickly authenticated via the overt and covert security features. Random sampling of returned product and decryption of the forensic NanoCodes can provide quick detection of diverted product that is being "laundered" through the returned goods process.

NanoGuardian's Closed-Loop Protection™ is a market-monitoring program that works hand-in-hand with NanoEncryption technology to provide manufacturers an "Early Warning System" in the detection of counterfeit and diverted product. Through random audits at retail pharmacies, Closed-Loop Protection can proactively detect counterfeit and diverted product.
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