Poland Spring promotes 'wall-to-wall' training (sidebar)

Packaging at Poland Spring

Plant size: 494꺦 sq’

Packaging lines and products: There are 10 lines for bottled still (or sparkling) water. Six of the 10 lines accommodate polyethylene terephthalate bottles. Three of those six are dedicated to ½-L sizes, one for 8-oz bottles, one for 24-oz bottles, and one for either 1-L or 1 ½-L containers. Two other lines bottle 1-gal high-density polyethylene jugs, while another handles 2 ½-gal HDPE jugs. The tenth line handles sparkling and still waters, glass and plastic bottles, and sizes from 10 oz to 1 L.

Line speeds: These range from 430 to 1겨 bpm in PET bottles, 56 bpm for 2 ½-gal sizes, and 186/min on 1-gal containers.

Line capacities: Plant volume was expected to reach 48 million cases last year (in various case counts).

Molding method: Eight blow-molding machines from Sidel (Norcross, GA) mold PET bottles from preforms that are injection-molded either by Poland Spring’s sister plant in Hollis, ME, or by Schmalbach-Lubeca (Manchester, MI).

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