Multipack markets Stonyfield's soy yogurt

Organic yogurt producer Stonyfield Farm in May introduced O’Soy, an all-natural soy yogurt, in what it believes is a unique six-pack. The multipack “wrap” is 20-pt recycled clay-coated newsback, supplied by Old Dominion Box (Madison Heights, VA).

ODB offset-prints the board in four colors and die-cuts it. Each wrap holds six 4-oz cups of soy yogurt. The polypropylene cups are injection-molded, with a 16-mil wall thickness. Cups are flexo-printed in four colors by Polytainers (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). The cups are topped with a 2-mil polyester/adhesive/polyethylene lid, flexo-printed in one color by Clear Lam (Elk Grove Village, IL).

“We wanted the packaging to position the products as delicious, all-natural, and organic,” notes Shelly Mulholland, a Stonyfield representative. “We wanted the packs to have a strong shelf impact and stand out from the clutter of other [more] colorful multipacks in the dairy case.”

The Londonderry, NH, company markets O’Soy in two multipack varieties, one with separate cups of strawberry and peach flavors, the other with separate cups of chocolate and vanilla. Multipacks sell at supermarkets nationwide, and at selected natural food outlets. Carrying a 75-day refrigerated shelf life, the suggested retail price for the multipacks is $3.15. (EF)

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