LaserSharp: Steam release film for pouches

LaserSharp FlexPak Services offers a hermetically sealed PrimeVent package solution for microwavable pouches.

LaserSharp FlexPak Services has developed a new solution for microwavable packages that guarantees a hermetically sealed package prior to cooking while delivering a reliable, safe design, steam release mechanism that will allow consumers to safely cook products to go from freezer to table.

PrimeVent is a patented pending solution and offers several unique features. Using LaserSharp technology, the manufactured packaging film includes a precision laser scored pattern or shape.

These patterns and shapes create a designed venting or steam release feature that delivers controlled steam pressure and temperature while cooking the product in the bag. A manually removable adhesive label is placed on top of the scored features to protect the laser scored venting mechanism while preserving the integrity of the package and maintaining a hermetically sealed package. This feature also offers protection from breakage due to product mishandling and abuses prior to cooking. PrimeVent is suitable for microwavable packaging for a variety of products such as frozen and perishable foods.

PrimeVent has resolved many of the issues that are associated with current microwavable packaging film suppliers. The innovative design advantages of PrimeVent guarantees no leaks, no piercing prior to cooking, no whistling, and no more failures or exploding in the microwave. These advantages will provide consumers with freezer-to-table convenience that includes reliable, consistent, and safe results.

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