Sealed Air Corporation: Recycled content protective packaging

Created in partnership with their customers, Sealed Air’s recycled content specialty foam products now include: Ethafoam MRC (maximum recycled content), Ethafoam HRC (high recycled content), and Stratocell RC (recycled content).

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Ethafoam MRC polyethylene foam, made of 100% pre-consumer recycled resin content, is available for the first time to the general market and available in black color.  Ethafoam HRC polyethylene foam, which guarantees a minimum 65% recycled resin content while providing similar performance benefits of standard Ethafoam polyethylene foam, is now available in black. This coloration replaces the various shades of gray previously associated with Ethafoam HRC.  Stratocell RC, comprised of a minimum of 60% recycled resin content, now is available market-wide. This product is available in black color.

These products perform with similar Sealed Air Ethafoam HRC, MRC, Stratocell RC consistency to those utilizing virgin resins and reduce environmental impact.


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