Sonoco: Corrugated, close-fitting cap protects palletized bottles and cans

Designed to work with all 44- x 56-in. pallets, the FirmaCap pallet cap from Sonoco fits tightly over loaded pallets and securely holds products in place during shipping and warehousing.

FirmaCap pallet caps provide an alternative to heavy wood boards. When combined with FirmaCore or FirmaDeck corrugated pallets, they create a lightweight package protection system that reduces transit costs and generates revenue through recycling. Compared to 44- x 56-in. wood pallets capped with standard wood caps, Firma brand corrugated pallet protection systems are said to offer an 87% reduction in weight in an average truckload. Additionally, the entire corrugated packaging solution can be recycled with other corrugated materials, generating up to $33 in revenue per truckload.

Recyclable corrugated pallets are designed for customers whose shipments travel long distances or whose shipping patterns otherwise prevent the return of pallets through a closed-loop system. Both the FirmaCore corrugated 44- x 56-in. pallet and the FirmaDeck corrugated 44- x 56-in. pallet are made for the one-way shipment of lightweight cans.

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