Pregis Corporation: Protective foam plank products

PolyPlank® Plus from Pregis Corp. combines various substrates and two-step lamination technology to create cost-effective protective foam plank products.

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The outer layer of PolyPlank® Plus can be made from a broad variety of substrates such as foil, paper, air cushioning, nonwovens, etc. The substrate is laminated onto an engineered foam sheet. This assembly is then laminated to a thicker single or multilayer plank structure. A pressure-sensitive adhesive layer can be laminated onto PolyPlank® Plus. This creates a custom foam block that, when adhered to a product, protects surfaces from punishing impact without marring finishes or leaving residue. Because PolyPlank® Plus has been engineered to adhere directly to the component or packaging surface, custom fabrication is no longer necessary.
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