American Excelsior Company: Biodegradable packaging pads

Curlex Excelsior Packaging Pads, from American Excelsior Company, use 100% wood fiber excelsior as the internal cushioning material.

Pw 5864 Webcirlex
Manufactured from renewable Aspen trees, fibers are encapsulated in brown Kraft paper to give the pad an all-natural appearance. A special cutting process helps fibers interlock to provide a uniform pad. Excelsior fibers can help protect products from vibration and handling during shipment or act as an “all natural” void-filler. Pads are shipped in compressed bundles. Release the banding wrap and give each pad a quick “refreshing snap” and pads are ready for use. Standard stock sizes include: 14-in. x 24-in., 14-in. x 36-in. and 24-in. x 24-in. Other sizes available upon request with minimum order quantities.

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