Pregis Corporation: Environmentally-responsible air cushioning

Pregis‘s Astro-Bubble® Renew™ is an economy air cushioning grade that contains 25% pre-consumer recycled content.

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The product is an ideal alternative for economy bubble users who want environmental benefits coupled with a less volatile pricing structure. Due to the percentage and type of regrind being used, Astro-Bubble® Renew™ typically will have subtle color tones depending on which colorants are part of each specific batch. Astro-Bubble® Renew™ is available in coex (low-density polyethylene/nylon) and monolayer (linear-low density polyethylene) options with bubble sizes consisting of very small, small, medium and large. Its lightweight characteristics make it an ideal cushioning, surface protection and void-fill option which helps minimize weight during finished goods delivery. In turn, this helps lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions throughout the supply chain.

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