Cost-cutting pack passes tests

Precision-scientific-equipment manufacturer Pressurements Ltd. exports hand pressure testers in a specially die-cut corrugated pack, cutting shipping costs by 16%.

Pw 16298 D Ssmith Box

Dunstable, England, UK–based Pressurements exports its testers, used in the plastics industry to measure pressure calibration, in packs holding up to 10 units. Previously, the equipment was protected using loose-fill cushioning manually placed in corrugated boxes.

The new packaging supplied by DS Smith Tri-Wall (Monmouth, England, UK) reportedly reduced packaging time by 24% and the area required for packing by 13%, totaling an overall 16% savings in the cost of each shipped item.

DS Smith Tri-Wall designed a corrugated tray to fit testers into custom, die-cut cavities for protection during shipping. Ten trays are inserted into a corrugated shipping box, which is then sealed for transit.

This packaging design won DS Smith Tri-Wall Worldstar and Starpack awards.

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