New trends in egg packaging

What's a good way to protect priceless pieces of art during distribution?

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When it came to transporting Faberg eggs and accessories, the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco decided Dow's (Midland, MI) Ethafoam(TM) was the answer. The Faberg fineries were on the move as part of Faberg in America, a traveling exhibit containing 400 authentic objects from the famous Faberg collection. The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco sponsored the show, and its organizers went to Foamex (Hayward, CA) for help with protective packaging. Foamex customized Dow's Ethafoam HS-900 polyethylene to fit the museum's shipping crates. Planks of the protective material were laminated to interiors of crates, then covered with fabric. Shown here is a Faberg display table just before shipment to the Cleveland Museum of Art. Also shown (inset) is one of the rare eggs. Ethafoam was selected for its rigidity and ability to be precisely cut to meet the Fine Arts Museum's requirements. Also, Ethafoam is said to be inert, so that "out-gassing," or having the foam react with the delicate finishes of the antique pieces, is not a problem. The exhibition makes its final stop next month at the Cleveland Museum of Art, where it will stay for three months.

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