Amazon Reveals “The Sustainability Solutions Hub”

The resource hub will assist sellers in U.S. & Europe in achieving product and packaging sustainability objectives and bolstering eco-friendly practices.

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In a move toward enhancing sustainability practices across its vast network of sellers, Amazon unveiled The Sustainability Solutions Hub at its annual Accenture event. This all-inclusive resource, accessible via Seller Central, is designed to facilitate sellers in their pursuit of product and packaging sustainability.

The Sustainability Solutions Hub serves as a centralized repository, offering sellers easy access to vital information about Amazon's sustainability programs. Among these programs, sellers can explore Climate Pledge Friendly, Amazon Renewed, and Ships in Product Packaging. This one-stop hub aims to streamline the sustainability journey for sellers, making it more accessible and actionable than ever before. The platform is set to be available to all eligible sellers in the mentioned Europe and the U.S. by the end of October.

One of the features of this hub is the introduction of a tailored dashboard. This dashboard will provide sellers with personalized, relevant data and insights to track their progress within Amazon's sustainability programs. Sellers can monitor key metrics, such as the percentage of revenue generated from Climate Pledge Friendly products. Additionally, the dashboard will proactively identify opportunities for sellers to maximize the benefits of these sustainability initiatives.

Within the Sustainability Solutions Hub, sellers will discover a dedicated sustainability category in the Service Provider Network. This category will showcase a curated selection of service providers who specialize in packaging design and testing, as well as product design and certification. These service providers will prove to be invaluable resources for sellers seeking expert guidance in their sustainability endeavors.

Two key Amazon sustainability programs, Ships in Product Packaging and Climate Pledge Friendly, are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of eco-conscious e-commerce.

Ships in Product Packaging, formerly known as Ship in Own Container, has been instrumental in Amazon's mission to reduce packaging waste. Since 2015, this initiative has prevented more than 2 million tons of packaging materials from being used. The program enables Amazon to collaborate closely with sellers, assisting them in redesigning their packaging for products to be shipped in their own branded packaging, eliminating the need for additional Amazon packaging. By the end of 2024, this program will be available to all sellers utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Sellers embracing this program stand to benefit in several ways, including enhanced customer connection through branded packaging, cost savings through lower fulfillment fees, and significant environmental advantages due to reduced packaging waste and lower transportation costs.

Climate Pledge Friendly, launched in 2020, focuses on helping customers discover sustainable products and rewarding sellers for their innovation in eco-friendly offerings. Once a product joins this program, it gains visibility in the Climate Pledge Friendly storefront and proudly displays the Climate Pledge Friendly badge. To qualify, products must hold at least one of the recognized sustainability certifications. Amazon collaborates with more than 50 credible certifiers, including the Forest Stewardship Council, FairTrade, Environmental Working Group, and Rainforest Alliance. Customers can trust that the badge signifies a more sustainable choice, leading to increased page views and, ultimately, sales. The program's growth continues, thanks to feedback from sellers, with Amazon introducing three new certifications: SCS Recycled Content Standard, International Sustainability & Carbon Certification Plus, and Plant-Based Fiber Blended. The Sustainability Solutions Hub will offer sellers training on Climate Pledge Friendly certifications and provide a Certification Recommendation Tool to explore relevant certifications. Additionally, sellers will have direct access to a curated selection of third-party service providers who can guide them through the certification process.