Meat delivery service uses cornstarch-based insulated coolers

NIKU Farms uses bio-based, insulated coolers made from cornstarch that are backyard compostable and biodegradable to ship its farm-to-door meat subscription boxes in Canada.

NIKU Farms, a Toronto-based meat delivery service has chosen a new biodegradable and compostable packaging material from KTM Industries for its insulated coolers. NIKU will be the first meat delivery service to use KTM’s Green Cell Foam in Canada for its farm-to-door meat subscription boxes.

Green Cell Foam is a natural, environmentally friendly packaging material made from non-GMO cornstarch that matches the performance of petroleum-based foams. According to KTM, manufacturing of the material requires 70% less energy and produces 80% fewer greenhouse gases than petroleum-based foams. The material is also backyard compostable, biodegradable, and water soluble.

“Food subscription boxes are rising in popularity, but often they create excessive plastic waste. By using Green Cell Foam packaging, high-quality, ethically-raised meat can go straight to your door in a completely sustainable way,” says Luke Armstrong, co-founder of NIKU Farms. “We encourage other Canadian companies to join us in switching to a more sustainable option likeGreen Cell Foam. With Canada poised to ban single-use plastics by 2021, the time is now.”

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