Security Printing Solutions

Nanografix offers security printing solutions, such as color shifting ink, invisible ink guilloche, and invisible ink QR codes, that integrate with its custom anti-counterfeiting products for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and personal care.

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Nanografix is able to incorporate all products with its security printing. The advanced security printing solutions from Nanografix integrates with the its anti-counterfeiting custom products. Nanografix offers a wide range of security inks with high quality printing capabilities, 24/7 surveillance, in-house patented technologies and R&D.

Security Printing Products available:

• Color Shifting Ink

• Invisible Ink Guilloche

• Invisible Ink QR code

• Printed Security Moire Effects

• Printed Nanotext

• Anticopy Printing Inks

• Tamper Evident label with RFID & Track & Trace

• Synthetic Fiber Paper

• Watermarks

• Printed Guilloche

• UV Synthetic Fiber Paper

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