Specialty Deli Meat Pack Redesign Highlights Home-Prepared Meal Possibilities

This past year, more people than ever prepared meals at home, with 71% of Americans stating that they will continue this trend after the pandemic, according to food and beverage agency Hunter.

To meet increased consumer demand, Land O’Frost, Inc.’s Bistro Favorites hand-seasoned, natural deli meat brand introduced a full packaging redesign and three new flavors.

Bistro Favorites is one of the fastest-growing natural deli meat brands, reaching 42% growth in consumer sales in 2020. The revamped Bistro Favorites packaging is designed to evoke a modern bistro, along with the new artisan flavors—Maple Bourbon Uncured Ham, Cajun Style Turkey Breast and Savory Herb Turkey—bringing to life the ingredients and flavor that make preparing food at home enjoyable. 

Bistro Favorite’s pack structure, which is uses MAP, remains unchanged. It consists of an APET/PET semi-rigid structure that is thermoformed into a tray. The tray is lidded with 142GA OPET/Ink/ADH/2.75M PET peel-reseal film with EVOH/anti-fog, then labeled with a paper structure pressure sensitive label. But the appearance is new, and quite purposeful considering how many consumers are eating at home these days.

“When we conducted consumer research, our consumers conveyed that Bistro Favorites was the main reason that they would pick up the package,” says Candace Cage, Brand Manager at Land O’Frost. “We adjusted Bistro Favorites as the primary brand name displayed on the new packaging, but we understand the importance of Land O’Frost as the endorser. The word “Bistro” alludes to the artisan flavors, and “Favorites” brings forward the everyday approachability of the brand. We are a consumer-centric brand and every decision made is done first and foremost with the consumer top of mind.Previous Land O'Frost Bistro Favorites pack for reference.Previous Land O'Frost Bistro Favorites pack for reference.

She continues, “we also wanted to make sure that we left the legacy Land O’Frost logo on the new packaging as part of our endorser strategy. We understand that for our current customer base that it is really important that the Land O’Frost logo remains as a way to ensure the same familiarity to the Bistro Favorites that they are already used to and would still get moving forward. When making updates to any branding, we want to make sure to leave some legacy aspect, which is why we’ve kept the Land O’Frost logo at a reduced size.”

As Cage and her colleagues began to look towards enhancing the presence of Bistro Favorites, their consumers expressed the desire to explore flavors in their everyday lunches. These consumers love food, so the team wanted to not only give them a visual of the delicious-looking meat on the package but also share the meal-time inspiration that they seek from us to help them get creative in the kitchen. What is an exciting sandwich today will not be the same tomorrow, she says, so the packaging offers visual cues for exploring creative meals that lean heavily in on flavor with real-life examples that resonate with users. 

The overall design changes for Bistro Favorites were made to evoke a modern feel, including the black chalkboard and flavor elements that evoke freshness and a love of food consistent with Land O’Frost consumers’ interests. The updates were consumer-driven through research with current and potential purchasers and were carefully executed to remain familiar to current users, while still allowing growth into new users.         

"While many elements changed from the previous packaging, current users still recognized the brand because of its memorable black tray and black background and even the window that shows the unique, natural shape of Bistro Favorites meat. They considered the new design a welcome upgrade, which just reinforced our mission to deliver on flavor to a new generation of consumers that place a high value on accessible, high quality, flavorful natural food," Cage says. -PW

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