Looking for soap-sized molded-pulp clamshell

Scott Carpenter, New Products Division – New Ventures Team, SC Johnson, Packager I am looking for a lead on a molded pulp clamshell for something about the size of a bar of soap.

I know Pangea has a carton like this for their soap bars and was wondering if anyone knew of a stock component like this that might exist? greenerpackage.com/node/2496

David Padula, Owner, P Design Lab, Packaging Materials Supplier

Hi Scott, I’ve worked with a few of these products in the past, related to DVD and cell phone packaging. While I’m not aware of any stock items the size that you’re looking for, the molds are not that pricey to create something from scratch. There are facilities in North America and China that make these products, with China being the lowest-cost. There are some other options like potato-starch foam that might work well for you too.

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