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Rotary auger filler offers faster fills, higher throughput

Continuous motion Rotary Auger Filler from Nalbach shows accurate, high-speed filling of powders, granulars, and flakes.

Everything you need for a powder filling operation is here with the Nalbach Rotary Auger Filler. Benefits include:

Gear Driven Base
Virtually eliminates backlash and significantly reduces maintenance associated with chain driven bases.
Advanced Seal Module
Provides faster fills, higher throughput, cleaner operation, improved fill accuracy and improved product settling.
Synchronized fill-head / auger height adjustment
Provides a fast, easy and automated method to make change-overs from one container size to another insuring perfect set-ups with no alignment or guesswork.
Speed Profiling
Synchronizes the speed of the rotary base with the servo driven auger filler(s) to insure and maintain fill accuracies during start-up, shut-down and at any speed the system is set to run.
Active Weight Control
System interfaces with a check weigher to make on-the-fly adjustments to compensate for variations in product density to insure accurate fills and minimize product “give-away”.
Servo Driven Auger Filler
State-of-the-art, PLC controlled, brushless, direct drive, servo motor system that provides superior fill accuracy and substantially improves reliability through the elimination of most mechanical parts such as clutch/brakes, encoders, drive belts, and pulleys which are used in most competitive products.
Intuitive, icon-based graphical user interface with touch screen inputs for fast, accurate and easy system control.
Filling Accuracy
The digital servo motor provides shaft resolution of 1/5000 per revolution. This precise control means the auger is consistent, each time, every time, providing fill accuracies of ± 0.25%.
Self Centering Funnels
Significantly improves changeover and cleaning times as well as provides more consistent product flow. The self centered funnel is always properly aligned with the auger and requires no adjustments.
Standard NEMA 12 (optional NEMA 4) electronics enclosure with stainless steel product contact parts & aluminum structural parts
Smart Agitator Technology
Extends agitator life by shutting the agitator off after prolonged periods where filling is not being performed. Then, when filling starts again, the agitator is switched on.
Product Memory
Capable of storing filling parameters for up to one hundred twenty (120) products. Product Memory saves the exact filling parameters and store them with an assigned name. Recall is as easy as a touch of a button.
Weight Setup S/W
Built-in utility that helps setup fill parameters automatically, insuring that target weight is met every time

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