Recyclable Jars

Quadpack’s QLine monomaterial jars are available in 100% PP.

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Quadpack’s Regula, Konico and Soul ranges offer brands a diverse selection in this fully-recyclable, highly-compatible material.

The ranges comprise:
Regula PP jar: a classic jar shape available in 50, 100, and 200ml capacities.

• Soul jar: an elegant, rounded shape available in 100 and 200ml capacities.

• Konico jar: a playful, conical shape available in 50 and 200ml capacities.

The different capacities make them suitable for a wide range of formulations, from eye contour creams to body- and haircare formulas.

Made in Europe at Quadpack’s injection-molding facilities, the ranges come in a variety of shapes and capacities. Branding can be applied using a host of decoration techniques such as color matching, silk screening and hot stamping. Brands can truly express themselves with the wide array of aesthetic choices, ensuring their DNA shines through.

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