Recyclable Transparent Laminate

TIPA’s T.LAM 608 recyclable transparent laminate is designed for a variety of food packaging applications, including stand-up pouches, zipper pouches, open pouches, side gusseted pouches, and more.

Tipa 608 Pouch Pr

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The new laminate has the same functionality as TIPA’s T.LAM 607 but is TUV OK Home Compost certified, meaning it can be disposed of in-home composting bins where it will break down leaving no toxic pollutants behind.

T.LAM 608, as TIPA’s entire home compostable products line will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from food waste being sent to landfill by offering consumers the convenience of disposing of their food in their home composting bins whilst still in its packaging – eliminating the need to separate any food from the packaging it came in.

TIPA’s T.LAM 608 is a 2-ply transparent laminate with medium barrier and excellent sealing, optical, and mechanical properties. It can be converted into pre-made bags such as stand-up pouches, zipper pouches, open pouches, side gusseted pouches, pillow bag and bar wrapper and is available as reels for vf/f/s and hf/f/s machinery.

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