Antibacterial Laminates

Nobelus added two antibacterial laminates to its portfolio—PlatinumOPP and LuxeFilm ScuffProof designed for label, flexible packaging, and point-of-sale applications.

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Antibacterial Laminates

PlatinumOPP™ Antibacterial Laminate is produced with organic matter that destroys bacteria and inhibits the spread of germs on the film surface. The laminate is available in a high-gloss or dead-flat matte finish and boasts outstanding clarity, strength, flexibility and adhesion. The organic nature of this antibacterial film makes it safe for use on children’s books, menus, medical collateral and any products where cleanliness and consumer safety are key.

Built on the LuxeFilm ScuffProof® laminate, the new ScuffProof® Antibacterial Laminate, utilizes two technologies to provide both scuff-protection as well as germ-inhibiting protection. The laminate is constructed on a PP film base and uses a unique curing process to greatly increase surface hardness and durability. Silver ion technology used in the film topcoat provides long-lasting antibacterial properties. Together, these features create a powerhouse laminate for high-touch consumer products that require an ultra-smooth, scuff-proof and antibacterial surface.

“While the technologies behind each product are different, both laminates are manufactured to significantly reduce surface bacteria which is vitally important in our current environment,” stated Tom Snooks, Product Manager for Nobelus. “Brand owners are seeking ways to support stricter hygiene standards and our antibacterial laminates are ideal solutions for label, flexible packaging and point-of-sale applications.”

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