Recyclable Disposable Cooler

DS Smith developed a 100% recyclable cooler, using its Greencoat corrugated moisture-resistant and food-contact safe material. It is an environmentally friendly replacement for EPS (Expanded Polystyrene).

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Greencoat Coolers

Unlike typical plastic foam coolers, DS Smith’s proprietary Greencoat corrugated moisture-resistant and food-contact safe material is biodegradeable, made of sustainable and renewable paper fiber that reduces waste to landfills and carbon emissions. DS Smith’s Greencoat coolers offer fully customizable printing for custom branding.

“Our Greencoat cooler is a great example of DS Smith’s innovation and sustainability focus coming together to create a solution that redefines the disposable cooler market, and offers consumers a smart, eco-friendly choice for environments where contents need to stay cold, like on the sunny summer days we all enjoy,” said Melanie Galloway, vice president of Sales, Marketing and Innovation for Packaging at DS Smith North America.

Galloway added, “Polystyrene (Styrofoam) is often swept into rivers and oceans, and is one of the top items found in annual beach cleanups. Foam packaging materials break down into small indigestible pellets, which are mistaken for food by animals. That’s why many more local and state governments are prohibiting their use.”

DS Smith’s purpose is to ‘Redefine Packaging for a Changing World’, and as a Strategic Partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, DS Smith focuses on sustainable packaging solutions that contribute to a circular economy through design, recyclability and by keeping products in use for longer.

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