ProAmpac: Tactile packaging

ProAmpac launches its Signature Surfaces line of coatings designed to enhance the tactile feel of consumer packaging. Coatings are available in roll stock for f/f/s applications or in various premade pouch formats.

Signature Surfaces
Signature Surfaces

The Signature Surfaces product line includes:

Paper Touch – a groundbreaking coating that provides the feel of paper with the protection of film. It is designed to reinforce a brand’s natural and organic positioning in markets such as snack and pet foods.

Soft Touch – provides a soft, velvety feel perfect for premium and luxury product positioning.

Registered Matte – provides a matte-photo-like texture to all, or part, of a package’s surface

Signature Surfaces can be combined with glossy graphics or a clear window that creates an eye-popping display sure to attract consumer attention. These coatings have excellent heat resistance, scuff resistance and chemical resistance.

Signature Surfaces are available in PRO-POUCH® Stand Up Pouches or Quad-Flex® quad seal pouches.

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