Dow Chemical: Release modifier technology

Dow Chemical announces the launch of SYL-OFF™ SL25 release modifier designed for use in pressure-sensitive label converting. Applications include release liners for pressure-sensitive label stock, single- and double-sided release papers, liners for adhesive tapes, and coatings for the release of sticky materials.


In addition to its benefits during processing, SYL-OFF™ SL25 Release Modifier is a solventless and olefin-free formulation. The performance profile of the pressure sensitive construction can be tuned to meet the low release forces that enable high-speed matrix stripping operations, while simultaneously delivering the higher release forces needed at end use applications such as hand-peel.

“SYL-OFF™ SL25 Release Modifier represents a new standard in pressure sensitive labels,” said Joanna Giovanoli Potts, Market Manager of Pressure Sensitive Industries at Dow. “As processing and converting conditions become more challenging, performance requirements also increase. SYL-OFF™ SL25 Release Modifier designed to meet these demands offering a flatter release profile.”

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