Squid Ink: White UV LED curable ink

Squid Ink’s SI-PZ8010 UV LED white ink is suitable for printing on virtually any non-porous applications and performs well on PVC, styrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, and ABS type plastics. It is approved for use in current Squid Ink CoPilot 128 and CoPilot 256 printing systems and should be used in conjunction with the Squid UV LED Curing System.

SI-PZ8010 UV LED white ink
SI-PZ8010 UV LED white ink

Squid Ink’s UV LED series inks feature near immediate cure times and are specifically designed for printing on non-porous substrates.

UV LED series inks do not cure without assistance of UV light and require minimal maintenance, resulting in an ideal solution for manufactures looking to mark their non-porous products. SI-PZ8010 also has superior lightfast properties to reduce fading over time. Designed for permanent marking, SI-PZ8010 provides excellent rub resistance perfect for most non-porous applications.

SI-PZ8010 is available in 500ml light-proof bags designed for 100% ink utilization. Due to its pigmented nature, the ink requires use of Squid Ink’s Automatic Agitation System, which continuously stirs the ink to prevent pigmented particles from settling within the ink system.

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