Nature-Pack™: Compostable cold chain packaging

Frontier Paper & Packaging now manufactures the Nature-Pack™ product line of earth-friendly insulated packaging made from renewable plant starches. Featured in the line is Biocooler®, which is a two-panel system constructed of rigid bio-based foam. It is a biodegradable, compostable, and easily-recycled alternative to EPS foam coolers.


Nature-Pack has several patents pending and international certifications to back up its claims. They meet ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 by Vincotte/TUV-Austria. Nature-Pack™ is the best EPS-Foam alternative that does not harm the environment.

Nature-Pack Biocooler® benefits:

• It ships flat, saving money vs EPS foam coolers.

• It stores flat, saving warehouse space.

• It is rigid and form-fitting to the customer’s box, unlike soft-sided “green” packaging insulations (denim, cotton, jute, etc). This leads to less thermal bridging for temperature sensitive packaging.

• The outer surface of the Biocooler panels are printable (using compostable inks), so the customer can customize it with their own logo, instructions, or other branded content.

• The moisture-resistant, biodegradable surface is FDA approved for direct food contact, ideal for food delivery services.

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