Berry Global: Scuff-resistant tubes

Berry Global introduced scuff-resistant Soft Touch laminate tubes. The company’s proprietary in-line process can be applied as full coverage or in select areas to enhance graphics. Tubes are currently available on 1 1/2”, 1 3/8”, 1 3/16” and 2” diameters.

Soft Touch tube
Soft Touch tube

While traditional soft touch tubes may scuff or attract dirt over time, Berry’s process helps ensure a lasting scuff-resistant finish that elevates a brand’s tactile and visual appearance. This new tube innovation extends Berry’s offerings of premium, differentiating personal care packaging.

When used in combination with registered embossing, foils, silk screen and flexographic printing, Soft Touch tubes provide a high-end look which stands out on the shelf and helps enhance a customer's brand. “Brand differentiation and premiumization are essential to beauty packaging today and our new Soft Touch tubes deliver that with a durable package that looks and feels good throughout the life of the product,” says Rebecca Vara, Vice President of Sales - Personal Care. She continues, “This is another achievement in Berry’s continued pursuit of cutting-edge technology”.

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