H.B. Fuller: Efficient, high-performance adhesive

H.B. Fuller’s next generation Advantra adhesive delivers high performance and lower total cost in use.

The Advantra 8790 adhesive solution is designed to meet customer requirements for high-performance adhesives that provide lower total cost in use and help manufacturers deliver a more sustainable future for the packaging industry.

Advantra 8790 is focused on quality, value, and efficiency. Customers can seal more packages with less adhesive, achieve good adhesion and fiber tear on most substrates, and increase the speed of packaging lines. Advantra 8790 provides reduced consumption, delivering up to 20% volume savings on typical applications. The adhesive runs across a broad service temperature range (-40° to 160° F) and promotes less downtime, lower maintenance costs, cleaner running, and lower wear and tear on machinery.

“Advantra 8790 enables our team to apply their process knowledge to deliver best-in-class operational excellence and groundbreaking process cost control,” says Brad Zechman, VP of Packaging Solutions at H.B. Fuller. “At H.B. Fuller, our goal is to bring the best solutions and services to our customers and provide support through an expert team. Our proven service model provides dedicated resources, industry-leading training programs, reporting and tracking of savings delivered, and rigorous process audits and packaging line optimization to help better serve our customers.”

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