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United Caps (formerly PROCAP): Tamper-evident closure

63 PROCURVE provides an easy-to-open closure for a wide range of agro chemical containers, using an innovative closure design in combination with a standard disk foam liner.


63 PROCURVE has been designed specifically for HDPE and co-ex containers with a capacity of more than one litre and a 63mm neck finish. The novel closure is ideal for the packaging of herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and fungicides, whether in powder or liquid form and whether water- or solvent-based. 63 PROCURVE (with no induction heat seal (IHS)) actually simplifies the filling process for these agro chemical products. With a standard multi-layer PE foam disk liner, this revolutionary solution is fully UN compliant and conforms to IATA for air shipment, thanks to the innovative ratchet-type TE band it comprises. The closure also features a small inspection window for visible control at the initial screwing stage.

Composed of high-quality materials, 63 PROCURVE offers low opening torque on first usage. The closure has been specifically designed with the end user in mind to offer real ease of use, not just in terms of easy opening, but closing and cleaning too. With no IHS, 63 PROCURVE also improves recycling of the total package - closure, container, labelling - making it more environmentally friendly.

63 PROCURVE represents a leakproof, secure total packaging solution that enables agro chemical manufacturers to significantly increase the safety of their product. When the bridges are broken on first opening, the TE band drops down to offer visible evidence of tampering. With 63 PROCURVE, the container maintains a complete seal on reclosure, again making it a very secure closure solution.

63 PROCURVE’s standard multi-layer foam disk liner makes it fully compliant with all official guidelines with regards to UN chemical resistance and mechanical tests, verifying it as a reliable and efficient closure for agro chemicals that delivers the required seal for the transportation of dangerous goods. PROCAP obtained its current UN certification based on tests of a 5L HDPE and Co-ex AgriChem container sporting the 63mm PROCURVE closure solution. At UN level 3H1/Y1.4/130 with H²O (water) the closure demonstrated screwing torque below 6.0Nm when initially screwed following filling. Torque this low makes it very easy for the end user to open manually. With a standard multi-layer PE foam disk liner, 63 PROCURVE requires no IHS liner to provide a full chemical barrier. The closure has also proven to be leakproof under hydraulic pressure conditions. Indeed, the greater the pressure, the more leakproof 63 PROCURVE becomes. 63 PROCURVE has been cleverly designed to complement the neck of the container so that the two work together to obviate destructive compression of the disk foam liner when stacked or even dropped. This was confirmed by laboratory and UN test results.

63 PROCURVE’s standard overall dimensions mean it can be introduced to filling or capping lines quickly and easily with minimal modification required, allowing fillers to take immediate advantage of this pioneering cost-effective agro chemical total closure solution. 63 PROCURVE is part of a complete service offering that also comprises technical assistance for product integration and after sales support, as required.

United Caps (formerly PROCAP) invests heavily in research and development and continually strives to create advanced solutions that feature the most appropriate TE band type and can be used for different neck dimensions. The choice of the ratchet-type TE band for 63 PROCURVE was to help ensure that it would conform to IATA regulations for air shipment, something it has achieved. PROCAP is currently investigating PROCURVE’s compatibility with different TE band types and larger neck diameters on bigger container sizes, including 5L, 10L and 20L. First results are very promising.

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